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Following is a typical Appraisal Location description utilized by the Appraiser in analyzing the general area market trends. 

Los Angeles County Area Description

Bounded by the counties of Ventura in the west, Kern in the north, San Bernardino in the east, and Orange in the south, Los Angeles County covers a total geographical area of 12,308 square kilometers or 2,598,980 acres. It is further subdivided into 10,518 km² (4,061 mi²) of land area and 1,791 km² (691 mi²) of water area.

Approximately, a total of 14.55% of Los Angeles County is water. Los Angeles’ 70 miles of coast borders on the Pacific Ocean’s four rivers namely, Los Angeles River, Rio Hondo River, San Gabriel River, and Santa Clara River. Its area also extends up to 75 miles from north to south, which includes the mountain ranges of Santa Monica and the San Gabriel. The scope of Los Angeles also extends up to the westernmost part of the Mojave Desert, San Clemente Island, and Santa Catalina Island.

Los Angeles is the most populous county in Southern California (and maybe even the whole United States) with a total population of 10,245,572 according to the latest U.S. official census results taken last January 1, 2006. Compared to the previous year’s population count, which is 10,166,417, it is clear that there is a 0.8 percentage growth in population. This latest population count comprises almost 50% of Southern California’s total number of residents.

Five years ago, however, census results show that Los Angeles only comprised 28.2% of California’s total number of population with 9,716,100 residents in mid-2000 and 9,802,800 in the first quarter of 2001.

The cities under Los Angeles County, in terms of the population size, are ranked as follows: Los Angeles City, with its 3,847,400 population, is the biggest city in the county. It is followed by Long Beach (461,522), Glendale (205,300), Santa Clarita (151,088), Pomona (149,473), Palmdale (143,227), Torrance (137,946), Pasadena (133,936), Lancaster (129,019), El Monte (119,900).

Of the 10,245,572 total numbers of residents in Los Angeles, 10,066,953 are living in housing units while 178,619 live in group quarters. Out of 3,364,750 total numbers of housing units, 1,633,048 are single detached housing units and 243,464 are single attached housing units. Also, 290,570 are multiple housing units that can house up to four individuals and 1,140,977 multiple housing units that can accommodate five or more individuals. There are also 56,691 mobile homes. All in all, there are 3,223,497 occupied and 420 vacant housing units. The average number of persons per household is 3.123.

Naturally, it follows that Los Angeles’ big population reflects a relatively high count on the education, employment, housing, and income statistics.

Records on education show that in the year 2000, there were 1,865,345 enrollees for kindergarten 1 and 2; 643,612 in colleges and universities; 36, 890 for UCLA; 110,849 for California State Universities; 380,911 for community colleges; and 114,962 for other private schools. This left the Los Angeles government a total expenditure of 12,676.3 million dollars for school districts and 431.5 million dollars for the school year 1999–2000 alone.

As per the U.S. Census Bureau, a total of 4,761,400 makes up the entire labor force of Los Angeles County. Out of this lot, 4,506,100 were employed. A staggering 255,300 were unemployed. The statistics wrote 5.4% for employment rate. In 2005, however, the labor force went up by a few notches. The entire labor force soared to 4,821,200 tipping the scales with around a 1.2% increase. The total number of employed individuals rose to 4,564,700 while those who did not have any job rose to 256,500. The whole movement is pegged with a 5.3% increase.

The non-agricultural wage and salary employment record in the year 2000 brought in close to $4,000,000 in terms of sales. An estimated $1,352,900 of the county’s revenues came from the services industry. Close to $1,000,000 ($908,200) came from trade industries. The manufacturing industry contributed $629,400. The state local government scored $524,200. The transportation industry brought in $243,500. The finance, insurance, and real estate industries came in next with $231,100. The construction industry added $133,200. The federal government’s funding totaled $57,900. Lastly, a $4,000 contribution came from the mining industries.

The above revenues can further be justified by the number of establishments, per industry, with employment sizes that range from 1 to 1000. In 1999, the census bureau have listed 222,513 total number of industries with 12,418 individuals working in mining industries; 17,753 from manufacturing industry; 49,729 in trade; 12,943 in transportation and information; 21,671 in finance, insurance, real estate, rent and leasing; 103,924 in services; 138 in fishing and forestry; 428 in auxiliary services; and 3,509 were unclassified.

The economic side of the county has been very well based on its historical financial records. A ten-year projection of its revenues on various industries promises an even better one.

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