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Following is a typical Appraisal Location description utilized by the Appraiser in analyzing the general area market trends. 

Manhattan Beach Area Description

Manhattan Beach is a city located in southwestern Los Angeles County, California, USA. The population is 33,852 as of the 2000 census by the United State Census Bureau. Manhattan Beach City is located on the Pacific Ocean coast, to the south of El Segundo, and to the north of Hermosa Beach. To the east are the cities of Lawndale and Redondo Beach. It is one of the three Beach Cities in the South Bay.

Manhattan Beach has a total geographical area of 26.8 square kilometers (10.4 square miles). 10.2 square kilometers (3.9 square miles) of the total area is composed of land and 16.7 square kilometers (6.4 square miles) of the total land area or 62% is composed of water.

Manhattan Beach City is divided into several distinct neighborhoods, the Sand Section, Hill Section, Tree Section, El Porto, East Manhattan Beach, and Liberty Village, and Manhattan Heights. Manhattan beach has 2.1 miles of ocean frontage a municipal golf course, one parkway, the Ardmore acres of recreational beach, and 59 acres of parkland.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the employment status of family members in Manhattan Beach City, especially for husbands are in the armed forces with a total of 80.8%. While the number of female householder, with no husband present is 769. The householder that fall under this category, that works full-time, year-round in 1999 is 416 or a total of 54.1 %, and the total of householder that do not work in 1999 is 181, or a total of 23.5 %. And the occupation of the employed civilian population 16 years and over for both sexes are 19,225.Of which, 10,688 are male and 8,537 are female. And mostly their employment falls under the category of management, professional, and related occupations. Of which 7,203 are males and 5,167 are female

Basing on the same census results in Manhattan City of california, for workers 16 years and over, the total number is 19,030. And the means of transportation is by car, truck, or van, and most drove alone with a total of 16,075 or 84.5%. Some do car pooling for a total of 1,312 or 6.9%.And the number that took public transportation (including taxicab) is 73 or 0.4%

According still on the same US Census Bureau results, the educational attainment of the population 25 years and over for Manhattan Beach City is 25,067. Of which 9,765 has Bachelor's degree or a total of 39%.For high school graduates (includes equivalency) a total of 2,028 or 8.1%. For 9th to 12th grade , no diploma a total of 623 or 2.5% For its school enrollment, for population 3 years and over enrolled in school, total population is 7,992 majority of which is enrolled in elementary school(grades 1-8) with a total number of 3,511 or 43.9%. Followed by college or graduate school with a total population of 1,713 or a total of 21.4%. Then followed by high school (grades 9-12) with a total population 1,384 or 17.3%

According to the United States Census Bureau, the income of household in 1999 are as follows: For a total of 14,491 households 446 or 3.1% earns less than $10,000. Another 298 or 2.1% earns $10,000 to 14,000 per family; there are a total of 8,485 in Manhattan beach City. And 134 or 1.6% of them are earning less than $10,000, while some families earn $10,000 to $14,000 for a total of 61 or 0.7%.The median family income (dollars) is 122,686, while the per capita income (dollars) is 61,136.The male full-time, year-round workers earn around 84,256 while its female counterpart who also worked full-time, year-round earn 54,142.

The 2000 United States Census Bureau statistics reveal a data that for housing units being used by the people of Manhattan Beach city, there are a total of 15,094 housing units. For single unit, detached housing units, there are a total count of 10,191 or 67.5%. For single unit, attached there are also 1,347 housing units or 8.9%. For mobile homes, there are 23 units or a total of 0.2 %. And the heating fuel being used by these household also differ. Some used utility gas, 13,034 or 89.7% used it. Others used bottled, tank, or LP gas, 104 used it or a total of 0.7%. Some used electricity, a total of 1,211 or 8.3%. Others used wood, a total of 41 or 0.3% and still others used solar energy a total of 19 or 0.1% used it.

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